A new star-gazing location on the west side of La Palma

Since the last astro-tour the moon still has left the scene. However, unfortunately Mirador del Jable and Mirador Llano de Las Ventas are covered in clouds and there is quite some wind up there. I am happy that hdmeteo tells me that in advance. Luckily, it also tells me that the west-side of La Palma looks pretty good for tonight. I just have no idea where exactly I should drive to with my equipment. It should be a quiet place with no wind and no traffic but it should still be reachable by car…

Long story short – I found a very good spot which meets all those conditions. The open street map below shows the spot. It has space for 1-2 cars and it is located right beside a tarred road. Furthermore one has a free look at Polaris. From Los Llanos it is a 35-40 minute drive. Until now I was not able clarify if this is a private parking lot or not – however, while I was there nobody cared and no other person or car showed up.

Clear skies!

Last updated: June 16, 2022 at 13:13 pm

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