My Equipment

MountEQ6 Pro Syntrek Mount - a robust mount for up to 18kg payload which is already usable for astrophotography. The ball-bearings and worms have been exchanged by VTSB.
TubusGSO 200mm f/5 Newton - (f=1000mm) - an all-rounder telescope (deep sky, moon, jupiter, saturn, ...).
CameraAtik383L+ - Cooled Astro-Camera (3326 x 2504 pixel (= 8,3 MPixel), 16 bit), Mono + Atik EFW2 2" Filter Wheel (5 slots: IR,R,G,B,L)
Guiding cameraALccd-5L-II mono CMOS Planet Camera (1200 x 960 pixel @ 30 FPS)
Guiding adapterOff Axis Guider - only 9mm length - with M48 adaptation for big sensors (link)
FocusMotorized MoonLite focuser (manufacturer link) for best focus results
Koma-CorrectorTS Koma Korrektor for Newton Telescopes for koma free imaging, distance perfectly adjusted to camera setup
Power supply12V battery (41Ah)
AccessoriesMount power supply, serial cable + converter, illuminated flat field foil
The details of my camera stack are also available as PDF here. Last updated: June 13, 2015 at 20:20 pm