Stargazing time on La Palma - Casa Las Flores

It's stargazing time on La Palma again - this time from Casa Las Flores. The little house is located in Aguatavar - close to Tijarafe on a height of about 580m. You have a power supply outside the building, free view to Polaris from both terraces and in July the bright part of the Milky Way is perfectly visible between 22:00 and 4:00 local time. Furthermore you have a coffee maker, a table, chairs, a fast WLAN internet connection and a barbecue. What else do you need? 😀

The image is a single frame recorded with an Canon EOS6D in combination with a Samyang 2.8/14mm lens (15 sec. exposure time, ISO4000) . The post processing has been done with rawtherapee.

Tonight I only test my equipment - for tomorrow I plan to record the bright nebula M8 in the milkyway. So stay tuned for the result!

¿Por qué dormir en un hotel de cinco estrellas si puedes dormir bajo millones de estrellas?

This image of the Milky Way has been recorded in a clear, cold night not so far away from Roque de Los Muchachos. It has been recorded with an EOS6D in combination with a Rokinon 14mm/f2.8 fast lens. The exposure time was 20s with ISO6400. A darkframe has been subtracted later on. The RAW file has been developed using rawtherapee. For correction of vignetting and perspective a lens correction profile from this website has been used (btw. thanks for providing this profile!).

The image is also available in full resolution (3.1MB).

First Astro-Tour on La Palma with own equipment

Well... I like the moon... but... YEAH! He is gone! Time for astrophotography, again! 🙂 For this purpose I rent a VW Caddy here on La Palma. The plan: Put all the equipment and my girlfriend into the Caddy and drive up to Mirador del Jable - a quite popular place for watching the stars.

One last look at the weather forecast from aemet... Looks quite promising! Even though it is almost impossible to predict the weather on La Palma. Furthermore, hdmeteo can be helpful to get an idea of the current weather conditions on the island. And last but not least the NOT webcam can give another impression. The decision has been made - tonight will be an astro-night!
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