¿Por qué dormir en un hotel de cinco estrellas si puedes dormir bajo millones de estrellas?

This image of the Milky Way has been recorded in a clear, cold night not so far away from Roque de Los Muchachos on La Palma. It has been recorded with an EOS6D in combination with a Rokinon 14mm/f2.8 fast lens. The exposure time was 20s with ISO6400. A darkframe has been subtracted later on. The RAW file has been developed using rawtherapee. For correction of vignetting and perspective a lens correction profile from this website has been used (btw. thanks for providing this profile!).

The image is also available in full resolution (3.1MB).

Last updated: June 9, 2022 at 22:10 pm


  1. Lovely silhouette of the rocks against the Milky Way. The tent on the foreground ads a nice touch too! It’s ok to pitch a tent on the mountain? I thought camping was not allowed.

    1. Hi Joel! Glad you like it. I think you are right – officially it is not permitted to do so. Especially it is forbidden inside the national park. So we did not tent there. Still, we took the risk and put our tent outside the national park hoping that nobody would see us. We set up the tent in the dark and also took down the tent again before sunrise. Of course we left everything ordinary and clean.

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