NGC6914 – The dark monster of Cygnus

Behind the unspectacular name NGC6914 a nice emission nebula in constellation Cygnus is hiding. To me the nebula looks a little like a dark monster with two deep blue eyes in the center of the picture 😀

The picture is also available in full resolution here.

LocationBöblingen / Germany
ObjectNGC6914 (Emission Nebula)
Guidingyes, QHY5-II Mono via OAG
Telescope8" GSO Newtonian
Barlow lensnone
MountEQ6 Syntrek
Luminance7x, 600s, bin: 1x1
Red5x, 150s, bin: 2x2
Green5x, 150s, bin: 2x2
Blue5x, 150s, bin: 2x2
Total exposure~1h50min.

Clear skies!

Last updated: June 16, 2022 at 23:19 pm

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