Mercury sun transit – May 2016

Today was a very special day for star-gazers and astronomers. For about 7 hours the Mercury sun transit could be observed what is a quite seldom event. At 11:12 UTC Mercury started to show up in front of the sun and left again at 18:42 UTC. The little planet will not transit again until 2019 and then again 2032. More information can of course be found on wikipedia.

One of the images made it into “My Top Astro-Pics Gallery” and is also available in full resolution.

For me it was great to see the Mercury sun transit with my own eyes and again getting an idea of how huge the sun is compared to all the planets. Untrained eyes have to look twice to recognize little Mercury on the photo. Simply fantastic!

Clear skies!

Last updated: June 16, 2022 at 13:41 pm